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Impôts Ici! offers several methods to drop your tax file. Please click on the mode you prefer for instructions. All our income taxes are sent electronically. Our work is covered by the industry’s best warrantee.

Instructions - Virtual drop

  1. Click on the right button to access the filing platform.
  2. Check your eligibility to file the chosen return.
  3. Answer the online questionnaires.
  4. Upload the requested documents.
  5. An accountant prepares your return from the documents received.
  6. Your declaration is sent to you online.
  7. Sign and upload the authorizations so that we can pass it on to the government.

Canadian tax return

You will be redirected to our virtual platform

Instructions - Email drop

  1. Download and complete the identification questionnaire and the list of documents to bring (on the same pdf document) as well as the disclaimer letter. Click here to see the list of forms.
  2. Once the questionnaire is completed, please sign it so that we can begin processing your file.
  3. Assemble the required documents and complete additional questionnaires if necessary if your situation requires it.
  1. Send your documents (questionnaires, supporting documents and other documents) by email to the following address: The subject of the email must be as follows: First name – Last name – Tax year(s) to be processed
  • NOTE THAT the email drop is not eligible for the virtual drop discount of $10 per return. We strongly recommend the virtual dropMC to benefit from the additional discount.

Forms to download

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