Impôts ici ! & Centraide thank you for your generosity!

Although 2020 has also impacted us, as a company, we realize that others are even more impacted than us. We asked ourselves what more we could do for the community in which we operate.

When you submitted your file online, you received a $3 discount, which you could forgo in favor of a charitable organization. You were 167 to do so, for a total amount of $ 500! A big thank-you !

In 2020, we know that the needs of charities have increased and we have decided, not to multiply this amount by 2 but by 6, or $ 3,000 in addition to your contribution!

These $ 3,500 were donated to Centraide, if you also wish to contribute, here is the link.

We hope that your generosity and ours will bring comfort to those in need.

We take this opportunity to wish you to take care of yourself and your loved ones at the end of the year.

The whole Impôts ici ! team

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